FORMAT– Captain’s Choice-Here’s how it works. Everyone tees off. The team selects the best drive. The rest of the golfers in the group simply pick up their golf ball and move up to the shot of choice. They place their ball within one club length of the best shot and they all hit again. This process is repeated until someone knocks the ball in the hole. Maximum score on any hole is bogey. If your team can make not better than bogey, pick the ball up and proceed to the next tee box. All play will be from the Blue tee boxes. If you are 65 years old or older you may play from the White tee boxes. Woman will tee off from the red tees.

SCORING– Please mark your score down on the official score card. Do not enter +1 or -1 for the score. Turn your score card in to the Pro shop at the end of play.

MULLIGANS– Mulligans are available (2 mulligans) for purchase at $20 per player. This entitles the player to use one mulligan on the front nine and one mulligan on the back nine. Mulligans are not eligible on contest holes. Mulligans may not be used for par 3’s.

MULLIGAN BONUS– If all members of a group purchase the mulligan package they qualify to play their tee shot from the 150-yard marker on hole #9.

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